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The Framed Weekly one

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- the interior of an antique cabinet papered with magazine clippings

- one vase, one wildflower

- an old wooden table with its invitation to sit for a while in nature

the beauty of a single lily

A quote sent to me by a client -

"The hardest thing to teach a student---and the hardest thing to believe consistently---is that there is nothing 'out there' to go and get. There is no part, no career, no opportunity for which you should be searching and coveting. All of the preparation is within, and you keep yourself mentally and physically fit; you remain generous with yourself and others; you stay deeply in study about your craft.

Whatever is yours will then arrive

~ Marian Seldes

In the excess of wanting, the yearning to achieve and the fear of missing out, do we fail to nurture what is? Busyness distracts, steals time and space, leading us away from what we love and what or who needs our attention. There's joy in engagement, reward in practice, discovery in process as you prepare for the coming.



- firm belief in the reliability, truth, or strength of someone or some thing


- the action of dealing with or taking special care


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The Book

"What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do: Finding You in the Simple"

Simplicity, Nature, and Common Sense

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Apr 15
Rated 4 out of 5 stars.

I love that first quote. I was just telling a client today stop comparing herself to others but to nurture her own values and priorities

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