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What To Do
When You Don’t Know
What To Do; Finding You In The Simple

“What am I missing?”

“Am I as happy as I’m supposed to be?”


"Where is this thing called 'happiness'?"

“Will I ever be enough?”


"I'm confused and unsure...others know more than I..."

In this little book of 50 uncomplicated ideas paired with photographs of the natural
world, you're encouraged to trust the simple as a way to trust the self. A concise, to-the-point reference including thoughts on how to enrich your life with simple rituals, nurturing self-awareness, and the forgotten art of common sense.

A book as companion, offering possibilities, inspiration and a reassuring voice reminding you you’re better - and better off - than you think you are as you courageously embrace the ageless wisdom and beauty in what is.

Thank you kindly...Austen Hayes
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