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Goodbye for now, my dearest friend...

November 1, 2021

To you, my most beloved companion, I say goodbye for a while.

You walked this earth the best you could - you saw, not with your eyes,

but with your heart - the tree, the water, the sunset, the faces of creatures you met with grace, the path you bravely walked, no matter the obstacle, no matter the stumble, trying, then trying again, you moved forward in faith.

"To the trail!" - hour upon hour - soft earth for your feet in space open and wide where darkness would not steal your need to be free. And, when the run was done, when the path grew small, you took the brush of my leg as your guide, step, touch, step again. But, now, no longer your guide, I am the guided, the feel of your soul with me forever. Thank you.

"I believe that it is time for every one of us to acknowledge a deep, spiritual connection with all of life, that it is time to act moment by moment, day by day, in a loving, compassionate manner with all beings with whom we share this planet. I believe that it is time to reevaluate our relationships with every living being and look for ways to deepen and strengthen those connections. Above all, we must remember that animals and humans share similar feelings of pain, fear, joy, and love."

~ Allen Schoen "Kindred Spirits; How the remarkable bond between humans

and animals can change the way we live"

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