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Best Friend

When I photograph Beale I generally take a side or back shot...he's completely blind. I almost feel I'm protecting his dignity to not show his bright blue, the other clear, marble-like. He was found 5 years ago, lost on a Georgia highway. Through the wonderful group, Labs4Rescue, I agreed to be a foster guardian, but quickly found it impossible to let him go. It takes a while for a blind dog (or person) to 'map' their environment. Once that map is wired into the brain, the blind get around very well. A new home would mean more work. He'd been through enough.

Based on Beale's weight when he was found, and knowing stray dogs don't last long on their own, the vet said he was likely on the road for about 10 days. When he first arrived, his brow was furrowed as if in a state of constant fear. The furrows are gone, his brow smooth, he's now a loving, relaxed, pup. I wonder how this came to we found each other. Miracles.

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